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Diamonds being the most precious of all the stones on earth have captured the hearts of many and have become a symbol of love and considered a treasure that can be passed on to different generations.

In this light, we have been inspired to create Gift Zone Ltd. to house our collection of diamonds that are either loose or mounted in beautiful jewelry pieces and offer them to diamond lovers just like us.

As the demand for diamonds has grown and the business expanded, Gift Zone Ltd. has offered a variation that will meet the growing demands of our customers even those that are very willing to purchase but have a very tight budget. Since then we have introduced the “CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS” or natural diamonds which clarity we have upgraded to lessen the inclusions and made it more valuable. We have specialized in this field ever since by using the “vacuum process” whereby the diamonds are put under heat and pressure like how they formed under the earth, and the inclusions are vacuumed and concealed by a substance that made them more brilliant. This process has been proven effective and safe and has made the diamonds look better yet still durable.


However, just like the other treated stones, the “clarity enhanced” diamonds should be handled with extra care which in this case should not be exposed to direct heat (i.e., at least 1500 degrees farenheight) like the jeweler’s torch. But this need not be feared for a very good jeweler would know how to handle “clarity enhanced” diamonds, hence, it’s important that they’re told that what they’re mounting, for example, is “clarity enhanced”. Also, the Gift Zone Ltd. provides a Lifetime Warranty for all the “clarity enhanced” diamonds that we sell.

Gift Zone Ltd. still continues to source out and provide more diamonds, i.e., certified and non-certified natural diamonds as well as produce more “clarity enhanced” diamonds to meet the growing needs of the diamond lovers. Our difference is that we offer quality goods for a price that will be just right for the budget of our customers, that is… AFFORDABLE.

Gift Zone Ltd. believes in what it supplies and values its customers, thus, we adhere to honest and safe business transactions and we intend to continuously grow for as long as the diamonds are considered valuable… which as people say will be… forever.

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